Awnings are a great way to protect windows and exterior walls from the sun. They also provide shade during the hot summer months, which is why they have been traditionally used as a covering for porches. Awnings come in many different sizes, shapes, colors, and styles.

Awning Accessories

Awnings come with a fitting kit that includes the top bar, arm brackets, and anchors. Some accessories you might want to purchase include:

  • Awning Fabric Protectant (For fabrics)
  • Anchor Kit for Existing Framed Patio Cover or Deck
  • Roller Tube Kit (Manual)


The size of an awning is determined by the length of the fabric. Some awnings are as small as two feet and some can be up to fifteen feet long. The size is determined by how much shade, protection, or rain cover you desire on your patio, deck, or porch area.


There are many different styles of awnings to choose from. Some have decorative top bars or include overhead lights that can be turned on at night for added safety and ambiance. It all depends on how your home looks architecturally as well as what you want out of the look and feel of outdoor living space. Here in Primrose Awnings, Lakeland Blinds and Shutters will help you narrow down what would suit your needs best, and we offer a variety of different styles to choose from.


There are many benefits that come from installing an awning on your home. It can provide shelter for the exterior of your house, allowing you to enjoy the outside without being exposed to UV rays and other weather elements. It could also be used as a place for entertaining guests or sitting comfortably with family members while enjoying breakfast in the morning. Awning can also provide protection from the rain or snow, ensuring that you do not get rained on or have to shovel your walkway.

Manual Awnings

Manual awnings are often installed by the homeowner, which can save on installation costs. Manual awnings open up and down with each use using an internal system of pulleys and ropes. There is no electricity required to operate manual awnings, so there are not any ongoing operating expenses. The disadvantage of owning a manual awning is that the owner must be there to open and close it.


Dark Blue
Yellow White Stripe
Blue White Stripe
Lemon Yellow
Brown White Stripe
Green Stripe
Multiple Stipe
Yellow and Grey Stripe
Green White Stripe
Midnight Blue

Electric Awnings

Electric awnings are operated by remote controls, so you can open and close the awning from anywhere in your home. The electric motors allow homeowners to control how fast or slow they want their manual cover to go up or down with one touch of a button.