Vertical Blinds

The usual window blinds are designed in a horizontal style. In comparison to these horizontal window blinds, vertical window blinds are invented for a different aesthetic. This type of window coverings was invented in 1950. While the common Venetian blinds are operated to go up and down, vertical window blinds go left to right. Experts also say that vertical blinds were invented to replace the Venetian blinds’ disadvantages.

The vertical blinds were only introduced for aesthetics but also for their advantages. These window coverings can be easily maintained in terms of cleaning. This is because horizontal blinds accumulate more dust and dirt while vertical blinds collect less. Professional designers also recommend these to people who want an alternative option to drapes. It is also suggested to partner these blinds on sliding doors or large windows.

Perfect Fit Blinds

Perfect fit blinds are the new versions of window blinds. It is called a perfect fit as it doesn’t need to be installed by a drill and is neatly placed on the window. It is clipped directly to the window. Afterward, a frame is installed to hold the blinds. According to experts, these are used for conservatories, doors, and UPVC windows.

Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are designed with horizontal slats with materials such as metal, plastic, and other related materials. These horizontal slats are on top of each other and roll upward or downward. Historians say that a book in 1941 states that Venetian traders first sought window blinds in Persia and improved their style. This type of window coverings was said to be introduced in France around the 1700s. Venetian blinds are used mostly for aesthetic because it looks elegant. These blinds can also control the amount of light entering your home. It can also give privacy control in your house. Designers also suggest that Venetian blinds are best used on narrow windows.



Blackout blinds are window blinds that shut out the light from the outside. It is covered with fabric on all side areas. This type of window covering is recommended for classrooms for it blocks the light that may bounce on the whiteboard. Experts also say that these blinds also have insulation features. Experts also say that can reduce noise from outside sources

Roman Blinds

Roman blinds are designed with a combination of curtain and blinds style. It has good light control and great privacy feature. It gives off a softer look as it is a hybrid between curtain and blinds. Roman blinds are said to be perfect for small windows instead of curtains. Experts also say that it doesn’t take up much space and ideal for a moderate look.

Velux Blinds

Velux blinds are the type of blinds that are created for roof windows. They are designed with beautiful and sleek styles. It is also installed directly on the window and not by a drill. Velux blinds keep light out from the roof windows. Most Velux blinds are also electronically operated because it is high

Wooden Venetian

Wooden Venetian blinds are Venetian blinds that are made of timber. It offers a good control on light from the outside. It is also said that it can give good privacy controls if properly positioned. Designers recommend using these blinds on bathrooms and kitchens. However, many people say that it fits almost any room.

Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are made of fabric with metal casing which is fitted on window tops. Experts also say that these offer total privacy. This means that the public can’t see anything inside. It is also said that it is perfect for skylight and Velux windows. These window blinds can be customized for wide window fittings.