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About Garage Doors

We always put convenience first when deciding the things we want to put in our homes. We tried to choose the furniture, the bathrooms, the appliances and almost everything inside the house. But when we talk about garage doors, we make sure that security is always first in addition to comfort. Garage doors have evolved continuously.
Gone are when people had to get out of cars to manually open their garage and risk safety if they did so at night. Automatic garage doors were used by wealthy families back then because they were too expensive before. But now, as the technology becomes more up-to-date, prices have dropped and made it very affordable for every homeowner.

Roller Garage Doors

Here we present one of the most favored types of garage doors, roller garage doors.
The roller doors differ from the others, are practically made of light materials. The basic concept is that the frivolous material moves up or down through a positioned tube above the garage entry point. The roller garage is something different from the others in terms of their maintenance. Here things can be facilitated with minimal supervision, which is a great sign. This is something you can play with more quickly than anything else.

Construction Materials

Generally, roller garage doors consist of arrangements of framed plastic materials or two-layer metal types.
Here you may not find the larger functional portions than in other cases. Instead, they go with an angular construction to make good rolls up and down to the door. For better movement, rubberized materials are generally used. Durable layers are prepared to cover the distance between the door and the rooms around the exit and a tubular valve fixed above the entrance on which the sheet is placed. The door is made functional.

Electric Garage Doors

Respecting current expectations, roller garage door can be made well spontaneously, as you wish. Any roller shutter base can also be automated so that operation can be facilitated directly in the garage. You can again do this through the external equipment available in the markets.


When it comes to luxury touches around your home, automatic devices become the most important things you have. You can buy remote-controlled light switches now in almost all major Do It Yourself (DIY)
stores. However, for many of us, such things can turn into a little more than a trick, because we already have three or four remote controls for TV, Blu-ray player, CD, and game consoles and just one more for turning on the lights (also hard to find in the dark when you need to turn on the lights the most) can mean that many of us find them impractical.


Safety Brake for Safety Measures

Safety measures

Most automated garage doors have a safety feature. They are equipped with obstruction detection, so you don’t have to worry about accidentally closing them while you’re halfway through or the danger of small children who might try to gather on a closing door.

Loss prevention Certificate Board Badge

Security measures

Once closed, the automated garage doors lock automatically to hide your car at night. Some entries are also equipped with motion sensors and cameras, so you can continuously check what’s going on in the garage.
You could sleep well at night knowing that the garage door also serves as your guard.

Twin single white doors Garage Shutters


With a multitude of models available on the market, you will never run out of choices. You can select the best design that suits your personality and enhance your home style. So act now. Visit garage door companies and installers. Shop so you can have the best deal possible on the market.


The World Of Colours

Our doors are available in a large selection of colours and finishes including painted wood effects at no extra costs. We do however provide Premium finishes like wood laminate finish and colour matching and to add attention to detail we also colour match the box and guides comes as standard.

Standard Colours

White Garage Door


Garage Door Colour Grey (RAL 7038)



Garage Door Colour Ivory 1015


Garage Door Colour Beige (BS 08B17)


Garage Door Colour Grey (RAL 9006)


Garage Door Colour Cream White (RAL 9001)

Cream White

Garage Door Colour Graphite (RAL 7024)


Garage Door Colour Anthracite (RAL 7016)


Garage Door Colour Velvet Brown (RAL 8014)

Velvet Brown

Garage Door Colour Brown (RAL 8019)


Garage Door Colour Black (RAL 9005)


Garage Door Colour Chartwell Green (NCS S 3010 G10Y)

Chartwell Green

Garage Door Colour Moss Green (RAL 6005)

Moss Green

Garage Door Colour  Fir Green (RAL 6009)

      Fir Green

Garage Door Colour Duck Egg Blue (NCS S 2030 B10G)

Duck Egg Blue

Garage Door Colour Blue (RAL 5011)


Garage Door Colour Red (RAL 3004)


Garage Door Colour Painted Irish Oak

Painted Irish Oak

Garage Door Colour painted Golden Oak 132

    Painted   Golden Oak

Garage Door Painted Rosewood

  Painted Rosewood

Garage Door Painted Walnut

Painted Walnut

RAL K5 Facher RGB Low Res

Colour Chart

Wood Laminated Finishes

Garage Door Colour Laminate Mahogany


 Garage Door Colour Laminate Rosewood


Laminate Irish Oak Garage Door

 Irish Oak

Laminate Golden Oak Garage Door

 Golden Oak

Colour Matching

We are delighted to offer colour matching, if you can provide with the RAL or BS colour reference we will gladly match free of charge, Unfortunatley Premium Finishes a surcharge will apply. This services is not avalable on the Compact Range.